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This video-editing course is for anyone and everyone that is new to Videography, Students, Graduates, Workers who want to add video to their skillset, or amateur videographers who want to learn how to use today’s technology to produce professional-quality work. Step-by-step, you will learn to plan and write a script, to capture dynamic video and audio in the moment and to edit your work like a pro. You will master the gear, lighting, sound editing and color correction necessary for success.

What You Will Learn

On course completion, student should be able to learn:

  • Master the art of video and develop your skills as a video-editor.
  • Learn how to use sophisticated software and devices to produce professional- quality project.
  • Plan and write a script.
  • Edit your project like a professional.
  • Use the gear, lighting, sound editing and color correction necessary for success.
  • Describe the processes of different types of videos one can create including short fiction videos, documentaries, personal and family videos, and special event videos.
  • Apply key skills to the processes of pre production, production and post production.
  • Learn how to create 3D animations and motion graphics.
  • Understanding the Editing Tools
  • Working with Audio
  • Creating Titles
  • Graphics and Transition
  • Multi-Camera Editing
  • Exporting Projects
  • Basic Colour Corrections
  • Keyframes Animations
  • Effects & Plugins
  • Editing for video channels (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo etc)
  • Design principles and project.

Premire Pro, After effects, Final cut, Filmora Pro, Adobe illustrator,  Adobe Audition etc

Career opportunities

Video production typically involves a high degree of both integration and collaboration. Integration means creating a seamless video program by pulling together media from potentially several different sources, such as conventional video cameras, smartphones, drones, action cameras, microphones, stock footage, music, graphics, and still images. Collaboration is often required because the many elements that go into a project are typically created by a wide range of specialists such as camera operators and audio recording engineers and are coordinated by a producer. You will work with them as a team, so working successfully includes coordinating and cooperating with everyone on the team. That requires clear communication about standards and procedures. 

Video editors also usually have opportunities to work as freelancers. Some freelance video editors may work on movies and television shows, but the majority of them usually work with short films and online videos. Trainee also stand to be retained by the TescomNg as staff after their internship.


Requirement: Students are advised to come with their laptops as this will help them perform better in the Academy and also at home.

Duration: Six (6) weeks for week days and eight (8) weeks for weekends

Starting DateSeptember 10th, 2020 for week days and September 12th, 2020 for weekends

Cost: ₦150,000 ₦90,000

Register and reserve your seat now by making payment.

You can call or WhatsApp 07033134949

limited to just 8 persons.



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The training was comprehensive and detailed and well delivered by vastly experienced and resourceful instructors with ready to go tools into the society, Thanks @Tescomdigitalacademy
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David O. Shobade
Designer/Digital Marketer
Participating in the training was a great opportunity for me as it has increased my intellectual understanding on digital marketing,the facilitators taught well,detailed lesson and practical work... Nice work you do @Tescom Digital Academy
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Akpang Monica
Digital Marketer
Learning with Tescom Digital Academy was an eye opener for me intensifying my pursue in Digital Marketing,top notch facilitators and conductive environment for learning.I recommend Tescom Digital Academy any day..
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Aminat B. Muhammed
Designer/Digital Marketer
A fantastic syllabus with a well skilled faculty. I loved every bit of the digital training session. I'd recommend Tescom any day any time..I recommend Tescom Digital Academy any day..
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Digital Marketer

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